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Social Arb ensures images of celebrities aren’t being used without their permission.


About Us

Social Arbitration is a web-based search tool seeking illegal, misused or unauthorised images of people online or in social media.

One of the biggest issues of today is not being in control of your online presence. This affects how you are represented and perceived, and also presents the issue of how to get unwanted pictures, videos or stories removed from the internet.

There are countless stories of people being exploited, having their story told without their permission, or their faces being used in adverts that they didn’t consent to.

Right to Privacy

At Social Arb we believe that everyone has the right to privacy, and the right to ensure they aren’t misrepresented online. dictate where their pictures are shown.

Our aim is to dissuade media companies from making false allegations and utilising people’s likeness without any concern for them.

We can achieve this through our innovative technology.


Our Technology

Our innovative technology is simple to use, easy to set up, and is highly scalable. This is how Social Arb works:


Scans the internet and social media for any images of an individual


Uses facial recognition to accurately identify if the image is genuine or not


Cross-references any use of a person’s name against online advertisements


Submits automated takedown notices if any breaches are found


Going forward, Social Arb’s technology can be integrated directly into social media platforms to avoid lawsuits and social media malpractice.


Our Focus

Our main focus is celebrities and famous people, as their face is their brand and is often used without their permission. Many celebrities are made to look like they are advocating products or services, when in fact they may be completely unaware of the company, and certainly didn’t get paid to promote it.

We have partnered with a top law firm in the United Kingdom which is currently pursuing multiple lawsuits against Facebook and several media giants on behalf of A-list celebrities.

Initial License Offering (ILOCX)

Social Arb have partnered with ILOCX to fund the continued development of our technology and expand the reach of our company. ILOCX is a platform where innovative companies like us can list License Offerings.

Buyers participate in our growth by promoting us on social media and other channels. In return, we provide them with a percentage of our revenue. Buyers profit by supporting our business, and we gain supporters who help us ensure the right to privacy for all.